The fox and the crow

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The fox and the crow

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The fox and the crow

The somehow sent the crow a little bit of cheese. The crow had perched upon a fir. She seemed to have steeled down to enjoy her provender, But mused with mouth half-closed, the dainty bit still in it.



Unhappily the fox came running past that minute. A whiff of scent soon brings him to a pause, And the fox sights the cheese and licks his jaws.



The rascal steals on tip-toe to the tree. He curls his tail, and, gazing earnestly. He speaks so soft, scarce whispering each word:



“How beautiful you are, sweet bird! What a neck, and oh! what eyes, Like a dream of Paradise! Then, what feathers! What a beak! And, sure, an angel’s voice if only you would speak! Sing, darling; don’t be shy! Oh, sister, truth to tell, if you, with charms like these, can sing as well, Of birds you’d be the queen adorable! the silly creature’s head turns giddy with his praise. Her breath, for very rapture, swells her throat; the fox’s soft persuasion she obeys. And high as crow can pitch she caws one piercing note.”

“心肝宝贝,你长得多么美妙啊!瞧那脖子,瞧那眼睛,美的像个天堂的梦!多好的羽毛,多好的嘴巴,你一开口,一定会有天使的声音,唱吧!亲爱的,别害羞!啊!小妹妹, 说实话,你这么美丽迷人,要是再唱得悦耳动听,那你就是令人拜倒的鸟中皇后了!”那蠢鸟被赞美地晕头转向,高兴地都要透不过气来。它听从了狐狸的柔声劝诱,尽其所能提高了嗓门,发出了呱呱的叫声。


Down falls the cheese! Both cheese and fox have gone their ways.



How often have they told us, please, and always to no use-that flattery’s mean and base. The flatterer in our hearts will always find a place.


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