The porter

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The Gatekeeper

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The porter

A man was about to go away on a long journey. He told his servant, “You keep an eye on the gate and look after the donkey.”



After the master had left, the servant heard someone playing music in the neighborhood. Unable to restrain himself, he wanted to go there and listen. Feeling ill at ease, he roped the gate onto the donkey’s back and made it carry the gate all the way to the site of the show.



With the servant gone, all the valuables in the house were stolen by thieves. When the master returned he asked, “Where are my valuables?” The servant replied, “Master, you only told me to keep on the gate and the donkey with the leash. Apart from them, I know nothing of the whereabouts of your things.”



The master declared, “I left you here to guard the gate precisely for the sake of looking after my valuables. With all my valuables gone, what is the good of having a gate?”


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