The crow and the hen

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The crow and the hen

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The crow and the hen

When prince Smolensky’s art had found a way to curb the foe’s presumptuous heart. The modern Vandals snared to ruin and left them Moscow town to their undoing.



Then all, the great and small, each blessed soul alive, Packed up without an hour’s delay and from the walls of Moscow streamed away like swarm of bees that leaves the hive.

A crow upon a roof that slowly cleaned her beak surveyed the tumult, perched apart.




‘Why, friend, it’s surely time to start?’ called out a hen upon a cart, ‘Stands at the gate, even while I speak, our ruthless foe.’



‘An where’s the harm in that for me?’ The augur bird replies: ‘I’ll hold my own, you’ll see; You chicken-hearts, that want to, go! But folk will neither roast nor stew a crow. We’ll get on well enough, our guests and I, who knows but I may find some dainty snacks of food, a bit of cheese, a bone or something good? Good luck, dear Henny, on the road! Good-bye!’



So Crow, she stayed behind. What else? Why, stead of snacks her board to embellish, When, in Smolensky’s clutch, the French took in their belts, they cooked the crow as well, to give their soup a relish.



A blind, as foolish often do human reckonings show. You’re close on Fortune’s heels; you think you’ll catch the jade, And when the last accounts are made, you’re in the soup, just like our crow.






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