The poise of a moralist

Master 0sifu Folktale The poise of a moralist

Master 0sifu Folktale: The poise of a moralist

During the Song and Ming Dynasties, Confucian morality became fashionable. Many people vied with one another to imitate the poise of a moralist.



There was one Confucian moralist who went to the city. On the street, he walked respectfully with measured strides, his back arched and his hands behind his back. He took every step according to the accepted angle and length.



While he walked and walked, he felt his back aching, and was entirely exhausted. He looked around, then turned to his servant and whispered: “Take a look. Is there anyone behind?”

The servant replied: “No.”




At this moment, the Confucian moralist at once straightened up, heaved a sigh of relief and began to walk unbridledly with long strides.



Another Confucian moralist was walking slowly on the road with measured strides, when black clouds suddenly rolled in the sky and heavy rain began to pour. He dashed hurriedly for over one li. All of a sudden, he exclaimed with regret: “Too bad! I have erred! But a gentleman corrects his error as soon as he is aware of it, and it is not too late yet.”



Consequently, braving the rain, he returned to the place where he started running and began to walk slowly again, step by step with measured strides.






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