Huang Gong’s modesty

Master 0sifu Folktale Huang Gong’s modesty

Master 0sifu Folktale: Huang Gong’s modesty

Huang Gong was a citizen of the state of Qi, whose shortcoming was his excessive modesty to such an extent as to debase himself in spite of the fact.



Though his two daughters were beautiful,he said they were ugly out of modesty. Being brought up in the boudoir, the girls could not show their faces in public, so they were well known for their ugly appearances. As a result of which nobody in the country proposed marriage to them.



An aged bachelor in the state of Wei, who had not gotten married mustered up his courage, and married Huang Gong’s elder daughter. Seeing she was a peerless beauty, he told others, “My father-in-law was just modest. His younger daughter must be beautiful, too!”



After these words spread, many people strove to marry the younger daughter. When the man who married her returned home, he found her to be a stunning beauty.






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