Cao Shang’s getting chariots

Master 0sifu Folktale Cao Shang’s getting chariots

Master 0sifu Folktale: Cao Shang’s getting chariots

There was a man named Cao Shang in the State of Song. Once, he was sent on a mission by the King of Song to the State of Qin. Before departure, the King of Song bestowed upon him several horse-drawn chariots. Upon arriving in the State of Qin, Cao Shang won the favour of the King of Qin. Consequently, the King bestowed upon him 100 chariots.



Soon afterwards, Cao Shang returned to the State of Song. One day the met Zhuang Zi and said proudly:”In the past, I lived in poor streets and humble alleys. I was very poor. And made my living by making shoes. I was sallow and thin. This was my weak point. Now, relying on my clever tongue, I have touched the heart of the King of Qin, who is the sovereign lord with 1000 chariots. He bestowed upon me 100 chariots. This is my strong point.”



When Zhuang Zi heard this, he gave a snort of contempt and said sarcastically: “I heard that the King of Qin was ill. He let the physicians: those who sucked pus and ate sores would get I horse-drawn chariot; those who licked the piles would get chariots. The more filthy the illness you treat, the more chariots you would get. You have probably licked his piles; otherwise, how could you acquire that many chariots? You had better go away!”

庄子听了,嗤之以鼻,讽刺他说: “我听说秦王有病,让医生治病,实行论功行赏:吸脓吃疮的,可得马车一乘:舌舐痔疮的,可得车马五乘。治的病越肮脏,得的车马越多。您大概为秦王舐过痔疮吧,不然怎么会得到那么车马呢?您还是给我走开吧!”





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