A rhesus monkey on a jujube thorn

Master 0sifu Folktale A rhesus monkey on a sour jujube thorn

Master 0sifu Folktale: A rhesus monkey on a jujube thorn

A person of the state of Wei claimed that he could carve a figure of a rhesus monkey on a sour jujube thorn.



The King of the state of Yan believed what he said and gave him a good salary.



A blacksmith heard all this and called on the king and said, “I make carving knives and I know that all the delicate playthings are made with a carving knife. In theory, the things that are carved must be bigger than the tip of the knife. The tip of a thorn is much smaller than that of the knife. How could he carve on the tip of a thorn? If your Majesty doubts this, you can just tell him to show his knife. Then you will know whether he could do it or not.” Hearing that the king wanted to see his knife, the person from Wei knew that his deceitful trick had been brought to light, so he took his baggage and fled stealthily.







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