The old man knotting the grass

Master 0sifu Folktale The old man knotting the grass

Master 0sifu Folktale: The old man knotting the grass

Wei wuzi, a high minister of the state of Jin ordered his son Wei Ke: after he died, let the concubine who had not borne a son marry someone else, instead of burying her alive with him, which was the custom of that time.



When he was in the height of his illness, he ordered his son again to bury her alive with him when he died.



After his father died, Wei Ke let the concubine to marry other people, and explained to others, “When people are seriously ill, they are not clear-minded. I did what my father told me to do when he was still sober.”



Once in a battle, and old man made knots with grass on the battlefield to trip down the general of the state of Qin, Du Hui, who was chasing Wei ke. During the night, Wei Ke had a dream, and in his dream an old man said to him, “I am the father of the concubine that you saved by letting her to marry again. I made knots to trip down Du Hui because I wanted to reciprocate your kindness of saving my daughter.”






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