A person of Yue making chariots

Master 0sifu Folktale A person of Yue making chariots

Master 0sifu Folktale: A person of Yue making chariots

Most of the territory of the state of Yue was water hand, so they used boats instead of chariots.



A person of Yue came across a useless chariot with rotten spokes and wheels. He actually shipped

this chariot home, and showed off his wide experience and knowledge.



Those who came to see the chariot believed what he said and thought that was what a chariot was really like. Then they began to copy it and made many chariots. When the people of the state of Jin pointed out to them that their chariots were not up to the standards, they thought that the people of Jin were just looking down up them and ignored them.



Later when the enemy army invaded them, the chariots of Yue were all broken when first brought to the battlefield and were useless. Thus, the state of Yue was badly defeated.








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