Hou Yi missing the target

Master 0sifu Folktale Hou Yi missing the target

Master 0sifu Folktale: Hou Yi missing the target

During the Xia Dynasty, there was a crack archer named Hou Yi. One day, the King of Xia pointed to a shooting target of one square metre in size with a bull’s eye of only 1/3 decimeter in diameter, and said to Hou Yi: “If you can hit the bull’s eye, I will award you 1,000 pieces of gold. But if you miss, I will take back the 1,000 li of land granted to you.”



At that Hou Yi drew the bow to shoot, but he felt very nervous, his face turning red and pale in turn. Unable to calm his flustered mind, he missed the target with the first arrow, and missed again with his second arrow.



When the King of Xia saw this, he was rather surprised and asked Mi Ren: “Usually, Hou Yi hits the target every time. But today he failed. What’s the reason?”



Mi Ren replied: “Hou Yi failed to hit the target because he was in an unstable mood, which affected his shooting skill. The award of 1, 000 gold pieces was the cause of his fault. If people could take no account of their gains and losses, and put aside either generous awards or severe punishment, then anyone could become a crack archer.”








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