The quail laughing at the roc

Master 0sifu Folktale The quail laughing at the roc

Master 0sifu Folktale: The quail laughing at the roc

A the legend goes, during ancient times, in the expansive open county of North China, there was a kind of bird called “rocs”.



The roc was very huge, with its back like a big mountain, and its wings like a stretch of cloud which could cover the sky. When it spread its wings, it could break through a storm and soar at a height of 90000 li (1/2 kilometre) in the sky towards the sea in the south.



A small bird called the quail bounced on the ground, free and happy. It looked up at the roc soaring in the sky and couldn’t help laughing.



“Hey, see how cocky you are! Look at me, one jump can take me over 10 Chi. How delightful! Every day I come and go amid these weeds and thickets and fly freely. Don’t I fly quite well too? But, where can you fly to anyway?”






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