Xue Tan studying singing

Master 0sifu Folktale Xue Tan studying singing

Master 0sifu Folktale: Xue Tan studying singing

Xue Tan studied singing from the celebrated singer Qin Qing, before long, he thought he had mastered almost all the skills and techniques taught by the teacher, and said goodbye to the teacher and headed for home.



Qin Qing gave a farewell dinner by the road outside the city for the student. During the dinner, Qin Qing sang a sorrowful farewell song to the rhythm of the music. The song was so magnificent and solemn, stirring and penetrating that the clouds in the sky were hold up by it.



Hearing the dulcet voice that he had never heard before,Xue Tan apologized to his teacher immediately, and pleaded his master to let him stay there to continue his study. From then on, Xue Tan never mentioned the intention to go back home all his life.







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