A rooster pulling out its tail feathers

Master 0sifu Folktale A rooster pulling out its tail feathers

Master 0sifu Folktale: A rooster pulling out its tail feathers

Once upon a time, Bin Meng went outing on the suburbs. He was surprised to see a rooster pulling out its tail feathers and asked the waiter why the rooster did so.



The waiter replied, “It is afraid that people will kill it as a sacrifice because they like its feathers.”



Hearing this, Bin Meng hurried back to the royal palace and told this story to King Zhoujinwang, and advised, “Even the rooster knows it should give up its beautiful feather that will bring about a fatal disaster, let alone people. For the sake of the safety of the state, Your Majesty had better get rid of all the black sheep in the government as soon as possible.” Bin Meng was alluding to the two cliques in the imperial court that each supported one of the two sons of the king. He wanted to persuade the king to make up his mind and resolve the hidden trouble. It wasn’t wise of him to say it directly so he used this story to imply his advice. But the king didn’t get the message in this story, and before long he had to eat the bitter fruit.









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