Enslaving the tiger

Master 0sifu Folktale Enslaving the tiger

Master 0sifu Folktale: Enslaving the tiger

Huang Gong from the East Sea saw that An Qisheng, who had come back from Mountain Zhifu after had finished his study of Taoist’s magic arts there, could work a tiger with a sword. He waved the sword to the front, and the tiger would not dare to go backwards. He waved the sword to the left, and the tiger would not dare to go right. Hung Gong was so envious of this.



One day, he stole An Qisheng’s sword quietly when he wasn’t prepared. He thought it was all because of this sword that the tiger obeyed An Qisheng. After he got the sword, Huang Gong began to think nothing of tigers.



When he came across a tiger on the way, he took out the sword immediately and waved it in front of the tiger, hoping that the tiger would listen to him. Out of his expectation, the tiger jumped at him and killed him.







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