Practice makes perfect

Master 0sifu Folktale Practice makes perfect

Master 0sifu Folktale: Practice makes perfect

Although Chen Yaozi was a civil official in Song Dynasty, he loved archery very much, and was pretty good at it.



One day he was practicing in his own field, and eight or nine times out of ten he hit the target. He became quite complacent.



Looking around, he found an old man who sells oil standing nearby. And the old man only nodded slightly towards his skills, not amazed. Angered by this, he called the old man to come over and asked him, “Do you also know archery? Aren’t my skills brilliant?”



The old man took out a gourd from the wicker-basket and placed it on the ground. He covered the opening of the gourd with a copper coin. And then he scooped a spoon of oil and began to pour the oil into the gourd through the hole in the coin drop by drop without wetting the coin. The old man said to Chen Yaozi, “This is only practice makes perfect, nothing so brilliant.” Chen Yaozi laughed and sent him away.



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