Not dare to touch the bell

Master 0sifu Folktale Not dare to touch the bell

Master 0sifu Folktale: Not dare to touch the bell

When Chen Xiang served as the head of the Pucheng county, Fujian province in Song Dynasty, he once arrested a group of suspects, but could not tell which one was the thief.



He called together all the suspects and told them, “A bell in a temple can tell who is the thief, and it is very sensitive. Later, all of you must touch the bell, and if the bell rings, then the one who touched it is the thief.” He then secretly ordered people to carry the bell here and painted it with black ink, and covered it with a cloth. Then he ordered those suspects to touch the bell one by one.



After doing this, he checked the palm of all the suspects and interrogated the only one whose palm hadn’t been blackened. This suspect turned out to be the thief. Because he feared that the bell would ring, he did not dare to touch the bell.







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