The best advice

Master 0sifu Folktale The best advice

Master 0sifu Folktale: The best advice

One person found that the chimney in his friend’s house was too straight and too close to the firewood. Then he reminded his friend, “Those two things are dangerous when they are too close together, you had better bend the chimney and move the firewood otherwise a fire may break out.” The host did not accept the advice.



A few days later, a fire did break out due to this. And thanks for the neighbors’ help there wasn’t much loss. In order to thank them, the host feted all those who had helped, and rewarded each of them according to contributions. But the one that had advised him to change the structure of his kitchen was not among the people who had been thanked. Someone reminded the host of this, “Had you listened to your friend, you would not have to reward us and would not have suffered losses.” The host awaked to this and went to invite his friend immediately.




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