Meng Xianho’s frugalness

Master 0sifu Folktale Meng Xianho’s frugalness

Master 0sifu Folktale: Meng Xianho’s frugalness

Shu Xiang noticed that although Meng Xianbo was appointed as high minister, he had only required one chariot. So he preached up Meng Xianho’s frugalness to others.



But Miao Fenghuang disagreed with Shu Xiang. Miao contended, “The titles, salaries and fiefs the monarch gave his officials are used to evaluate the contributions! The number of chariots is regulated to distinguish, emergency, and everyday government affairs. There are specific reasons for that. However, Xianbo has disturbed the rank system, and weakened the measures for unexpected emergencies just to pursue his personal fame and integrity, this kind of behavior should not be appraised at all!”




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