Three people are like one tiger

Master 0sifu Folktale Three people are like one tiger

Master 0sifu Folktale: Three people are like one tiger

Minister Pang Gong accepted the appointment of the king of the state of Wei and accompanied

the prince to Han Dan to be the hostage.



Before departure, he said to the king, “If someone told you that there was a tiger at the market, would Your Majesty believe it?” The king said, “No, I would not.”

临行前, 他对魏王说:“如果有人对您说,集市上有只老虎,您相信吗?”魏王说:“不相信。”


Then Pang Gong asked again, “What if a second person told your Majesty the same thing?” The king said no again.



Pang Gong asked once more, “What if a third person told Your Majesty this again?” The king said, “Since everybody said so, it seemed it was true.”



Pang Gong said, “There wasn’t any tiger at the market at all. But just because three people said so, it became quite believable. It shows how formidable a gossip is. Han Dan is much farther away from here than the market is and there would be much more than three people who would speak ill of me. I beg Your Majesty to consider carefully before you believe what they might say about me.” When Pang Gong returned from Han Dan, the king of the state of Wei did not want to see him any more.




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