Counting on their luck

Master 0sifu Folktale Counting on their luck

Master 0sifu Folktale: Counting on their luck

River Lishui, located in the south of the state of Chu, abounded in alluvial gold.



In order to monopolize the mineral resources, the government issued a law to the effect that whoever was caught panning secretly in the river would be burned asunder by five carts.



The bodies of those who had been killed were thrown into the river, blocking the flow of the water and raising the water level. Although many people had been killed because of panning stealthily in the river, there were still many people who defied the law and panned gold in the river.



This was because they thought that not everyone who panned gold in the river would be caught. So although there was a harsh punishment, there were still many people who counted on their luck.



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