Zheng Yong identifying the thieves

Master 0sifu Folktale Zheng Yong identifying the thieves

Master 0sifu Folktale: Zheng Yong identifying the thieves

Once the state of Jin was bothered by the prevalence of thieves, and this plagued Marguis Jin.



He was very happy when he heard that Zheng Yong could identify the thieves’ misdeeds just by observing their appearances. He was confident that in no time there would be no thieves any more.



But Zhao Wenzi reminded him that this method could not put an end to theft in this country. Before long, the thieves killed Zheng Yong. Zhao Wenzi advised the Marguis and said, “If your Majesty wants to exterminate theft, and you should select virtuous and talented people, and entrust them with important posts. As long as everyone in the court is of fine breeding and the politics is clean and just, the populace will be influenced and good social custom can be formed. When people have a sense of honor, there will be no thief at all.”





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