Yu Shou dealing with the books

Master 0sifu Folktale Yu Shou dealing with the books

Master 0sifu Folktale: Yu Shou dealing with the books

Once Yu Shou went out to handle some affairs and he met Xu Feng on the roads.



Yu Shou told Xu Feng that he had brought many books with him, and he could resort to them at any time so he felt quite prepared for whatever problems that are coming.



Xu Feng said, “Things are done by people, and there are different things in different periods of time. Wise men never do things invariably. Books just record the experience of the people of the past, but do not tell you what you should do now. So why are you unluckily carrying all these books to handle your affairs?”



After hearing this, Yu Shou thought what he said made sense. Then he dealt with all the books he had brought at spot, and flourished with joy because of the relaxation he got and the truth he perceived.






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