Hiding one’s sickness for fear of treatment

Master 0sifu Folktale Hiding one’s sickness for fear of treatment

Master 0sifu Folktale: Hiding one’s sickness for fear of treatment

A famous doctor, Bian Que, after seeing Duke Huan of the state of Cai, told him that his illness had intruded into his skin and he needed to be treated immediately.



But the Duke felt he was in good health and thought that Bian Que just wanted to take credit, so he ignored him.



Ten days later, Bian Que advised the Duke to take treatments when the illness was only ion the flesh, but the Duke still had not said anything.



Another ten days had passed before Bian Que told the Duke that his illness had moved to his intestines and stomach. But the king still did not believe him, Another ten days later, when Bian Que saw the Duke, he said nothing and turned around and left.



Duke Huan sent people to ask for the reason, and Bian Que answered that when the illness was in skin, flesh, intestines and stomach, it could be cured through sticking medicines, fumigating and washing, acupuncture, or taking medicines that can eliminate internal heat, etc. Now the illness was in the bones, it could not be cured any more.



Five days later, Duke Huan ached all over the body. But at this time, Bian Que had already fled to the state of Qin. Before long, the Duke died of his incurable illness.






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