Going back to the state of Yan

Master 0sifu Folktale Going back to the state of Yan

Master 0sifu Folktale: Going back to the state of Yan

A person who was born in the state of Yan grew up in the state of Chu.



When he was old, he planned to go back to the state of Yan. Passing the state of Jin, the people who went along with him pointed to the cities and shrines and cheated him by telling him those were the cities and temples of the state of Yan. Upon hearing this, he became gloomy and sad and kept sighing. When other people told him that the house was the one that his ancestors had lived in, his tears went down. When he was told that the tombs were his ancestors’, he couldn’t help weeping. They had made enough fun of him. They told him with a laugh that they had been lying to him, and that he was in the state of Jin. Hearing this, the Yan person felt ashamed.



When he finally arrived in the state of Yan and truly saw the cities and temples and his ancestors’ house and tombs, he had only very few sentimental feelings left.






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