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Master 0sifu Folktale: Ture Confucian scholars

The state of Lu was the cradleland of Confucianism, and there were a great number of Confucian scholars in the state. Duke Aigong of the state of Lu was very proud of this.



But Zhang Zi thought that those who had the title of Confucian scholar were not necessarily true Confucianists. So there were not many, but too few Confucian scholars in the state of Lu.



He said, “I hear that those Confucian scholars who wear a round top headgear are familiar with meteorology and the order of nature; and those who wear square shoes know geography; those who bear a jade are good at making decisions. The people who have feat and abilities do not necessarily wear the scholar’s costumes. And those who do wear the scholar’s costumes do not necessarily have feat and abilities. If your majesty do not believe what I said, you could just issue an order saying, ‘whoever who wears scholar’s costume but has no feat and abilities will be executed!’ and see if there will still be some people wearing scholar’s costume.” Duke Aigong of the state of Lu adopted his suggestion.



Five days after the order was issued, you could not find any people wearing the scholar’s costume in the streets of the state of Lu any more.






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