Zi Qin making bell racks

Master 0sifu Folktale Zi Qin making bell racks

Master 0sifu Folktale: Zi Qin making bell racks

A carpenter named Zi Qin explained how he made refined bell racks.:



Before I made the bell racks, I dared not waste any of my essence and energy, and I would go on vegetarian diet to tranquilize my mind.



Three days later I would have no idea of getting congratulation, award, peerage, and salary. Five days later I would not care about the praise and criticism of the craftsmanship. Seven days later my mind would not be disturbed by none, and would even forget about my own physical body. Then I would go to the mountains and forests to observe the natural form of the wood, and select the most suitable one, now the form of the bell rack would already be in my mind. Then I would start making it.



By doing all these, the nature of my mind would accord with the nature of the wood. That’s why I can make those delicate and ingenious apparatuses wizardly.






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