The hunter’s result

Master 0sifu Fairytale The hunter’s result

Master 0sifu Fairytale: The hunter’s result

The deer feared the leopard cat, the leopard cat feared the tiger, and the tiger the brown bear.



The brown bear resembled the fox but was bigger in size. It had long fur on its head, and could stand up like man. It had great strength and would devour man.



In the south of the State of Chu, there was a hunter good at ventriloquy. With a bamboo pipe he could imitate the cries of various kinds of wild animals.



Once, carrying his bow, arrows and firearms, he quietly went hunting in the mountain.



Up on the mountain, he first imitated the cries of the deer to lure the horde of deer to come over, so that he could shoot at them with the firearms. The leopard cat heard the cries of the deer and came running to devour the deer. The hunter was afraid of the leopard cat, so he hurriedly imitated the roar of the tiger to scare away the leopard cat. Hardly had the leopard cat been scared away when the tiger heard the roar and came. At this moment, the hunter was even more frightened, so he imitated the cries of the brown bear. As a result, the tiger was scared away like the leopard cat.



Then, when the brown bear heard the cries, it came to look for its companions. Seeing that it was a man, the brown bear at once struck him with its front paws, and tore him up with its teeth. In a short while, the hunter was torn to pieces and devoured by the brown bear.




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