The argument

Master 0sifu Fairytale The argument

Master 0sifu Fairytale: The argument

One day, the peach-wood charm against evil hung on the door turned its face upward to curse the figure made of Chinese mugwort: “Who do you think you are to dare to set yourself over my head?”



The figure of Chinese mugwort, unwilling to be outdone, looked down and retorted: “It is summer now. You have only half a year to go, and can’t live long. Why squabble over who is higher or who is lower?”



The peach-wood charm was beside itself with rage, and answered back sarcastically. Both sides refused to give in, and squabbled endlessly with a stream of abuse against each other.



At this moment, the deity of the door came to mediate: “It is only because we have no ability that we have to attach ourselves to the door of others. What’s the point of quarrelling with each other?”





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