A toad weeping at night

Master 0sifu Fairytale A toad weeping at night

Master 0sifu Fairytale: A toad weeping at night

In the past, there was a man named Ai Zi who was fond of sailing on the sea.



One night, Ai Zi had his boat moored near a small island around midnight, he seemed to hear someone weeping or talking under the water. So he listened intently, and soon he heard someone say: “Yesterday the Dragon King issued an order that all living creatures with tails in water are to be beheaded. I am an alligator and have a tail. I am very frightened of being slaughtered, so I am crying. You are a toad and don’t have a tail. What are you weeping for?”



After a while, Ai Zi seemed to hear someone answer: “Though I have no tail now, I am afraid that I may be traced back to the time when I was a tadpole with a tail then, so I am weeping.”






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