Hun Dun has no seven orifices

Master 0sifu Fairytale Hun Dun has no seven orifices

Master 0sifu Fairytale: Hun Dun has no seven orifices

The emperor of the South Sea was named “Tiao”, the emperor of the North Sea was named “Hu”, and the central emperor “Hun Dun”.



Tiao and Hu often had contacts with each other and were very intimate. They often met in the central area under Hun Dun’s rule and received his warm hospitality.



One day, Tiao and Hu met again and talked about Hun Dun. They were very grateful to him and wished to repay him well.



After discussing for a long time they realized that everyone has seven orifices; the mouth, nostrils, ears, eyes, so that they can eat, smell, listen, and see the beautiful scenery of nature. Only Hun Dun did not have them and could not enjoy these pleasures.



Finally, they thought of a clever way: they decided to bore seven holes on Hun Dun’s head. In this way he would be the same as others.



Then, regardless of whether Hun Dun would agree or not, Tiao and Hu began working on him. One took a big chisel and the other swung an iron hammer to bore one hole a day on Hun Dun’s head. However, on the seventh day, Hun Dun bled from from the seven orifices to death.




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