The neighbour and the snake

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The neighbour and the snake

Master 0sifu Fable 寓言:The neighbour and the snake

A snake, having made his hole close to the door of a cottage, inflicted a sever bite on the cottager’s little son. So the child died.



This caused much sorrow to his parents. The father decided to kill the snake. The next day, on its coming out of its hole for food, he took up his ax, but, making too much haste to hit the snake, missed its head, and cut off only the end of its tail.



After some time the cottager, lest the snake should also bite him, tried to make peace, and placed some bread and salt beside its hole, the snake, slightly hissing, said, “From now on there can be no peace between us; for whenever I see you I shall remember the loss of my tail, and whenever you see me you will be thinking of the death of your son.”

过了一阵子,屋主很害怕那条蛇会以牙还牙,就想同蛇讲和,于是就将一些面包和盐放在洞口。那条蛇发出丝丝的声音作出回答:“从今以后,在我们之间不会有和平。因为我一看到你,就会想自己被砍掉的尾巴;同样当你见到我时, 你会想起你死去的儿子。”


No one truly forgets injuries in the presence of him who caused the injury.




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