Lying by the Tree to wait for

Master 0sifu Story Lying by the Tree to wait for

Master 0sifu Story: Lying by the Tree to wait for

Once upon a time there was a farmer who worked hard in the fields every day. One day, while he was ploughing the fields, he heard a bumping sound. He saw a rabbit lying by the trunk. He picked it up and found that it was a fat rabbit. He thought to himself, “Since it is so easy to get a rabbit like that, why should I work so hard all daylong?”  



He threw his hoe away and lay by the tree every day, dreaming for more rabbits to come. When he finally realized his foolishness and returned to his fields, he found that all his crops were dead. The story tells us that we should not wait for unexpected gains by trusting chance and luck. Or, we should not hope to get rewards without hard work.




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