Huang Ying and Drunken Tao

Master 0sifu Story Huang Ying and Drunken Tao

Master 0sifu Story: Huang Ying and Drunken Tao

This is a story in Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio about “Drunken Tao,” a unique species in the chrysanthemum family. The Ma family was a scholars’ family and a family of chrysanthemum lovers.



In this story, the lord of the present generation, Ma Zicai, was more fanatical about the plant than those of previous generations. On hearing of a unique species available in Jinling City, he rushed there and bought two. On his way back he saw a handsome young man on a horse behind a canopied cart. He was surnamed Tao and the girl inside the cart was his sister Huangying. They were moving away from Jinling and looking for a new place to live.



At Ma’s invitation, the two settled down in the south courtyard of the Ma residence. The girl often picked up the withered plants Ma discarded and would replant them in front of her room. The next day these withered plants would bloom splendidly and fragrantly. Before long, Huang Ying’s flowers became known in the area and many people came to buy them.



Before long Ma’s wife died of illness and Ma married the flower-loving Huang Ying. Every day Ma drank and played chess with her brother beside chrysanthemum flowers. One day, after getting drunk, the young man tripped and fell. Ma couldn’t believe his eyes when the young man fell and turned in a huge, man-sized chrysanthemum plant. He ran to report to his wife, who rushed out and plucked a flower that she kept inside her dress.



By dawn, Ma saw the young man again, lying on the ground fast asleep. He realized that the brother and sister were both chrysanthemum spirits.



But the second time the brother turned into a plant after getting drunk, the young man failed to change back to human form. His sister reserved a length of root from the plant. Before long, a unique species sprouted, grew up and bloomed with a smell of wine aroma. Later generations called this species “Drunken Tao.”




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