Zhu Geliang Pays a Mourning Call

Master 0sifu Story Zhu Geliang Pays a Mourning Call

Master 0sifu Story: Zhu Geliang Pays a Mourning Call

This is a story from Three Kingdoms. Zhou Yu, chief commander of Wu, was talented and proficient in strategies and tactics but was narrow-minded and intolerant of others. He discussed with Zhu Geliang plans to conquer Cao Cao while simultaneously pondering how to murder Zhu Geliang.



Zhou Yu had been wounded by a poisonous arrow when he was attacking Nanjun. Zhou’s wound burst when he learned that Zhu Geliang had already taken over Nanjun, Jingzhou and Xiangyang. Zhou Yu, with a healing wound, racked his brains for ways to capture Jingzhou. His strategies, however, were all seen through by Zhu Geliang who even sent him a mocking message.



Zhou Yu was vexed again. ”Since You(the Heaven)made me, Zhou Yu, why did You make Zhu Geliang too?” Zhou Yu grudgingly asked before he took his last breath.



Learning of Zhou Yu’s demise, Zhu Geliang decided to go to pay respects. Fearing that Zhu Geliang might be murdered, Liu Bei send Zhao Yun with 500 warriors to protect him. Before Zhou Yu’s coffin, Zhu Geliang personally offered libation, kneeled on the ground, and read his eulogy. Tears of grief gushed forth from Zhu Geliang. All the generals from Wu were moved. When Lu Su saw Zhu Geliang was in such grievance, he said to himself, “Zhu Geliang was narrow-minded and he brought on his own death.”






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