Winning Over Jiang Wei

Master 0sifu Story Winning Over Jiang Wei by a Clever Stratagem

Master 0sifu Story: Winning Over Jiang Wei by a Clever Stratagem

This is a story from the novel Three Kingdoms. Jiang Wei was adept with both pen and sword. He was not only a man of intelligence and bravery, but also a man of resources and astuteness. Zhu geliang wanted to win Jiang Wei over to be his assistant.



When he learned that Jiang Wei was a filial son whose mother was living in Jicheng City, he devised a plan to win him over. He ordered Wei Yan to attack Jicheng City by bluffing and blustering. As soon as Jiang Wei heard the news, he immediately led the troops to Jicheng City to save his mother.



Zhu geliang sent captured-general Xia houmao to Jicheng City to persuade Jiang Wei to surrender. When Xia houmao was only halfway there, he was told by people that Jiang Wei had already surrendered to the Shu State. Therefore Xia houmao had to go to Tianshuiguan. He came to the city of Tianshuiguan about Jiang Wei’s surrender.



In the middle of the night, Zhu geliang asked somebody to dress up as Jiang Wei and attack Tianshuiguan. This made the officers and soldiers in the city really believe that Jiang Wei’s surrender to Shu State was true.



Jiang Wei tried every possible means to protect Jicheng City, although he lacked the necessary army provisions. One day Jiang Wei led his soldiers to seize army provisions. The soldiers of the Shu State took advantage of this and seized the city. Since Jiang Wei had lost the city, he could only run to Tianshuiguan. The generals and soldiers wouldn’t let him into the city, because they mistakenly believed that he surrendered to the enemy. Jiang Wei had to go off into the wilderness. He went less than a few kilometers before Zhu geliang came along in a carriage and his troops encircled Jiang Wei. Realizing he was trapped, he surrendered to Zhu geliang.




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