Guan Yu‘s loyal deed

Master 0sifu Story Guan Yu‘s loyal deed of letting Cao Cao run away

Master 0sifu Story: Guan Yu‘s loyal deed of letting Cao Cao run away

This story is from the novel Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao’s troops had suffered heavy casualties in the Chibi Campaign and there were only 300 troops left. Cao Cao led these troops to Huarongdao in retreat.



While marching on, Cao Cao, riding horseback, pointed his whip and laughed loudly, saying, “People say Zhu geliang is wise and full of clever stratagems, but it seems to me he is as incapable as the average general. If he had an army waiting in ambush over there, I would have no way out.”

正走间,曹操突然在马背上扬鞭大笑说:“ 别人都说诸葛亮足智多谋,我看也是无能之辈,如果他在这里埋伏一支队伍,今天我们只有死路一条了。”


Before he could finish his words, the thunder of cannons was heard and an army headed by Guan Yu stormed out of hiding to block their way. At the sight of Guan Yu’s mighty force, the hopeless and disappointed Cao Cao had to beg Guan Yu for a way out. “Now I am pressed in the corner. Please take mercy on me for our past friendship and let me go.”



“I have already repaid you for your kindness,” replied General Guan. “Today I can’t do anything harmful to the nation.” “Do you remember your killing my six generals while you passed through the five passes?” Cao Cao reminded Guan Yu.



In his mind, Guan Yu admitted that if Cao Cao did not ordered his men to let Guan Yu pass through, he would not have gotten through the five passes alive. Guan Yu, a man who valued loyalty highly, ordered his men to make a way and gestured Cao Cao to pass through. Thus, Cao Cao made it through alive.




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