Liu Bei returns to Jingzhou

Master 0sifu Story Liu Bei returns to Jingzhou

Master 0sifu Story: Liu Bei returns to Jingzhou

This is story from Three Kingdoms. Tricked by Zhou Yu, Liu Bei married Sun Shangxiang, Sun Quan’s younger sister. After the wedding ceremony, Liu Bei stayed in the state of Wu. In light of Zhu geliang’s plan, Zhao Yun made a false report to Liu Bei before his departure, saying that Cao Cao was attacking Jingzhou. He urged Liu Bei to go back.



Believing it was true, Liu Bei discussed the matter with his wife and decided that they would pretend to offer sacrifice to the ancestors at the river and would leave the Southland under the escort of Zhao Yun without announcing it. The day came and Liu Bei and his wife headed to the river. Suddenly, generals and soldiers sent by Zhou Yu arrived. Liu Bei was frightened. He rushed to the front of Lady Sun’s carriage and appealed tearfully to her: “When your elder brother and Zhou Yu conspired to call me to the Southland to marry you, they did not do so for your sake. All they wanted was to confine me so that they could retake Jingzhou, and after that to kill me. But I came, because I admire you. Today, no one but you can save me. If you are not willing, I prefer to die here before your eyes.”

刘备信以为真,和周瑜派追兵赶来,刘备十分惊慌,于是来到车前泣告孙夫人说:“ 你哥哥和周瑜合谋将你嫁给我,是想用美人计杀我,再夺回荆州。我冒死前来,是敬慕夫人的名声,今天只有夫人出面才能解救,如夫人不出面,我只有一死。”


Upon hearing this, Lady Sun rolled up the front curtain of her carriage, and shouted to the generals from the state of Wu: “Are you in revolt? Zhou Yu! The renegade, the traitor!” she cried. “What injury has the Sun family ever done you?Liu Bei is my husband. Both my mother and my brother were informed that I would return to Jingzhou. Does this blockage mean you’re going to plunder our goods?”



She denounced Zhou Yu loudly and then ordered her carrige moved forward. The carriage had hardly advanced five or six li when the second pair of commanders sent by Sun Quan arrived. Lady Sun let Liu Bei proceed. She herself and Zhao Yun held the rear. Lady Sun regarded the two commanders sternly and spoke reproachfully:”You have come between my brother and me. My mother has sanctioned our trip back to Jingzhou. Even my brother has to conform to what ritual enjoins. Do these weapons mean you want to murder me?”



The commanders stared at one another helplessly. Though Liu Bei was nowhere to be seen, Zhao Yun was right there, ready for bloody combat, eyes angry and wide-staring. At last, the generals had to withdraw. Later when another two generals arrived with Sun Quan’s sword, Liu Bei and Lady Sun were already on one of the boats led by Zhuge Liang, heading for Jingzhou. Later the people said: Trapped a second time in his own tricks, Zhou Yu tasted humiliation added to rage.




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