Lü Bu and Diao Chan

Master 0sifu Story Lü Bu and Diao Chan

Master 0sifu Story: Lü Bu and Diao Chan

Following the interlocking stratagems they had laid, Wang Yun betrothed his step daughter Diao Chan to Lü Bu, then, to sow discord between the two, presented the girl to Dong Zhou as a concubine. Lü Bu was furious, and each time he met Diao Chan, the latter feigned a sad tearful look.

按着王允和貂蝉商定的“ 连环计”,王允先把貂蝉收为义女许给吕布为妻。为挑拨董卓与吕布的关系,后来又把貂蝉送给董卓为妾。吕布见貂蝉被董卓霸占,心中愤愤不平。貂蝉在吕布面前也假意伤心落泪。


One day, while Dong Chan was in court, Lü Bu rushed back to Dong Zhuo’s residence to see the girl. In the Fengyi Pavilion the girl said to him with a desperate look, “I have prolonged my life in disgrace simply so I could have a final meeting with you and let you know my feelings. I should have waited upon you but unfortunately Dong Zhuo took me by force. We can only meet in the next life…”



So saying she meant to throw herself into the lotus pool. Lü Bu hurriedly held her back and swore, “How can I be a man if I fail to marry you?”



Suddenly aware of Lü Bu’s absence, Dong Zhuo, suspicious, rushed back to his residence to see Diao Chan was nowhere. The service maids told him the girl and Lü Bu were in the back garden. Dong Zhuo rushed there and at the sight of the two, roared with anger. Lü Bu fled.



When Dong Zhuo got back to his bedroom he saw Diao Chan’s face was tearful. Being demanded for an answer, the girl said, “I was enjoying flowers in the back garden when Lü Bu stole in to take my liberty. I tried to escape but he drove me to the pavilion with his lance…” Before long the interlocking stratagems worked out-Dong Zhuo was killed by Lü Bu.






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