Brotherhood forged in the peach garden

Master 0sifu Story Brotherhood forged in the peach garden

Master 0sifu Story: Brotherhood forged in the peach garden

Toward the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) China was war-stricken. After a royal edict to recruit soldiers in Zhuozhou, three heroes surfaced. One was Liu Bei, a descendent of Liu Sheng, Prince Jin of Zhongshan during the Han Dynasty. Liu Bei was sighing while reading the posted edict when he heard an impatient voice behind, “What use is just sighing, without a man’s devotion to his country?” then the man introduced himself: “I’m Zhang Fei and my livelihood is selling wine and slaughtering hogs.”

东汉(25 -220年)末年,天下大乱。朝廷发布文告,下令招兵买马。榜文到涿县,引出了三位英雄。刘备,是汉朝中山靖王刘胜的后代。一天,他边看榜文边长叹,忽听背后有人说:“男子汉大丈夫不思为国出力,在这里叹什么气?”并自报姓名说:“我叫张飞,靠卖酒杀猪为生。”


“I do want to devote myself to the country,” Liu explained after telling Zhang his name. “But how can I help if I’m empty handed?” “You needn’t worry,” said Zhang. “I’m willing to give up my fortune to build an army and embark on this new career with you.”



While the two talked merrily over cups in a small restaurant, in came a martial looking, handsome man with a huge build and a red complexion. Liu and Zhang invited him to join them. They learned that the man was named Guan Yu. As he had upheld justice by killing a local tyrant, he had fled home and wandered about for many years.



During an amiable conversation the three found that they shared a common ambition and the next day in a peach garden they swore brotherhood to heaven and earth before lit candles and joss sticks, Liu Bei the eldest, Guan Yu the second-oldest and Zhang Fei the youngest. They vowed devotion to China. Later, the three sworn brothers had successful career. Liu Bei ascended to the throne of the State of Shu in 221A.D in present-day Sichuan.




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