Only one artist in the family

Master 0sifu Story Only one artist in the family

Master 0sifu Story: Only one artist in the family

When Pable Picasso was a little boy, he lived in a small town in Spain. His mother liked to call him “Piz”. It is the Spanish word for pencil. As a baby, he liked pencils and chalks better than any of his toys.



Picasso’s father was an artist. He spent a lot of time teaching the little boy how to draw.



Drawing was Picasso’s great pleasure. He usually sat by the windows and drew pictures of pigeons.



One day his father came back. He stood for a long time looking at Picasso’s picture. The pigeons in the picture looked quite real.



His father gave all his brushes and paint to Picasso. He told his son that from then on there would be only one artist in the family.




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