Praise the Lord

Master 0sifu Story Praise the Lord

Master 0sifu Story: Praise the Lord

A farmer is driving down the road and spots a sign that reads “Mule for Sale”.



He decides to at least look at the mule to see if it is of good quality. He talks to the owner which tells him that the mule is the faster mule alive, and that it is very different from other mules.



The owner explains to the farmer that the mule will only proceed to walk when the phrase “Praise the LORD” is spoken and the more you say it the faster he will go, to stop the mule, the owner explains you got to say “Hallelujah”. The farmer decides to ride the mule to see if the owner is telling the truth. He gets on the mule and screams out … “Praise the LORD!” the mule takes off the farmer then Yells “Hallelujah!” to which the mule stops. The farmer, seeing that he is a pretty good distance from the owner, decides to see just how fast the mule will go, so he yells out “Praise the Lord” and the mule takes off he repeats the phrase over and over until he is really moving it along.

卖主告诉农夫那头驴只有在听到“赞美主”才会走,而且说的次数越多,那驴就走的越快。卖主说要想让驴停下来就要喊“哈利路亚”。农夫见他离卖主有一段距离,他决定试试看那头驴能跑多快。于是,农夫喊道:“赞美主!” ,那头驴就带着农夫跑了起来,农夫一遍又一遍的重复着那句话,直到他走了很远。


The farmer looks up and sees he is coming up on a very high cliff that drops off to a deep canyon below, and decides he had better stop the mule, when he realized he forgotten what the word was to stop the mule…hoping to hit the right word, he starts rambling and spouting out words… “AMEN!”… “GLORY!”… “SWEET JESUS!”… “AMAZING GRACE!” He sees getting closer and closer to the cliff when right at the edge of the cliff he yells … “HALLELUJAH!!!” To which the mule stops dead in his tracks. The farmer, out of breath and shaking from the fright wipes the sweat from his brow looks up to heaven and says “Whew! Praise the Lord!”

农夫抬起头看见他已经走进一处悬崖,知道自己该让驴停下来了。这时,他突然意识到自己不记得让驴停下来的那句话了。他就开始胡乱的喊“阿门” ,“亲爱的主” ,“奇迹”,眼看着就要到悬崖边上了,农夫喊道“哈利路亚” 。于是,驴停了下来。农夫屏住呼吸,浑身颤抖,眉头稍微舒展了,他看看天说道:“喔,赞美主!”



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