Lion and wolf

Master 0sifu Story Lion and wolf

Master 0sifu Story: Lion and wolf

A lion on a lamb had settled down to sup. A mongrel pup about the royal board allowed to wander. Snatched almost from his claws a piece of meat down wander.



The king of beasts looked on, not minding in the least, for puppy was a young and foolish beast. Observing this, the wolf began to ponder, “This lion seems so meek, he must be very weak!”



He too put out a paw, some dainty snack to seek. But woe befell the sinner. He went to swell the lion’s dinner.



“My friend, ” said Lion, as he calmly tore him up. “You saw me spare the dog, it’s true. But so indulgent I should hardly be with you. He’s young and stupid still, but you are not a pup.”




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