The legend of the dragon

Master 0sifu Story The legend of the dragon

Master 0sifu Story: The legend of the dragon

Falling down from heaven, the dragon landed at a remote village.



It wanted to find water in the villagers’ houses, so as to fly to the heaven again. But he was driven out by the villagers who were beating drums and detonating firecrackers. The dragon rolled and tossed in the puddle at the entrance of the village, which was no more than one foot deep, a hope that he could soar into the sky with the help of the seeper. He could only fly to a height of one foot above the ground, though he had exhausted all its strength, because the puddle was too shallow.



The dragon crouched in the mud for three days. Its scute was filled with ants, and flies. When the rain poured down, in the tremendous clap, the dragon fleeted, like a bolt of lighting.




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