The bines and vines and the big tree

Master 0sifu Story The bines and vines and the big tree

Master 0sifu Story: The bines and vines and the big tree

The joss in the temple hated the big tree and the bines and vines clinging to it, which had occupied the vastly space in front of the joss house, because he thought they had usurped its role, and he has always wanted to get rid of them.



One day, the joss said to the bines and vines, “As the saying goes ‘There are no nice grasses under big trees,’ Now the perimeter of the big tree trunk became so long that it takes several persons to embrace, but your bines and vines are less than one inch thick, and all this is because of the big tree, whose branches and leaves have blocked your sunlight.” The bines and vines, which had been envying the big tree all along, could not restrain their anger any more at these words.



That night, they appeared in the dreams of nearby people, telling them that, “It was not the joss but the big tree in front of the temple that brought you the misfortune.” The villagers were convinced, and cut down the big tree the next day. The bines and vines lost their habitat, and withered day by day, and both died soon.




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