An eagle that changed into a cushat

Master 0sifu Story An eagle that changed into a cushat

Master 0sifu Story: An eagle that changed into a cushat

Although an eagle had changed into a cushat, it forgot all this while it was flying.



Seeing a flock of birds in the woods, it could not help diving down, tweeting like an eagle.



On hearing the sound of an eagle, and the birds were so scared that they did not dare to move. A crow saw the flying bird’s claws. Beak and feathers were just like a cushat’s rather than an eagle, except its voice. It ran out and shouted to call on the birds to drive away this fellow, who was making fun.



The cushat, who hadn’t the beak and claws of an eagle, could not fight back. It had to hide in the woods, and suffer the censure and attack from the flock of birds.




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