Prudent reserve between men and women

Master 0sifu Story Prudent reserve between men and women

Master 0sifu Story: Prudent reserve between men and women

A man named Fu Xian was fond of reading books. Though proficient in literature and etiquette, he was stubbornly adherent to outworn rules. Being impractical and dull, he looked just like an old pedant.



One day, Fu Xian strolled on the street with measured strides and asked whomever he met: “Have you seen Wei San?”



Someone pointed to the direction and he walked on unhurriedly with measured strides. When he saw Wei San, he panted for a while, then said: “I just saw your wife doing needlework under a tree. She was tired and taking a nap. Your child was playing beside a well, only 3 to 5 chi away from it. It seemed to me that some accident might happen. As there is prudent reserve between men and women, it was not convenient for me to awaken your wife in person. That’s why I have come all the way here to tell you.”



Upon hearing this, Wei San was panic-stricken and hurried home. When he got home, his wife was bending over the well, wailing bitterly for their son.




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