Dai Song painted the ox

Master 0sifu Story Dai Song painted the ox

Master 0sifu Story: Dai Song painted the ox

Dai Song was a famous painter in Tang dynasty and his paintings of ox were always cherished by Brahmins.



In Song dynasty, a person who lived in Sichuan province with a surname of Du collected a painting of ox by Dai Song, and he cherished it very much and often took it out to appreciate it. And he even often dries it in sunny days.



Once a shepherd boy saw this painting and couldn’t help laughing, thinking that the painting was to depict a fighting ox, but in this painting the tail of the ox was raised high, which was quite different from what he had observed before. In fighting, the tail of the ox should he between the legs. So this painting had this wrong. The Sichuan person with the surname of Du agreed with the shepherd boy and didn’t cherish it that much any longer.






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