An old women borrowed some kindling

Master 0sifu Story An old women borrowed some kindling

Master 0sifu Story: An old women borrowed some kindling

There was a daughter-in-law who liked by the old women in the village.



One night, a piece of meat was missing from the daughter-in-law’s home, and her mother-in-law suspected that she had stolen it. So she decided to drive her out to her mother’s home.

一天夜里,小媳妇家的一大块肉不见了, 婆婆怀疑是她偷的,决定把她赶回娘家。


The next morning, the daughter-in-law bided farewell to all the old women in the village, and told them what happened. After hearing this, all the people were indignant.



One of them went to found some broken hemp and made a bundle. Then she went to the daughter-in-law’s home and asked her mothering-law for kindling, “Last night, a flock of dogs fought each other for a piece of meat that they had found somewhere, one of them died in the fight, so I came to borrow some kindling to cook that dog.” Upon hearing this, the mother-in-law sent people to ask her daughter-in-law back right away.




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