A big tree in the forest and the goose

Master 0sifu Story A big tree in the forest and the goose

Master 0sifu Story: A big tree in the forest and the goose

Zhuangzi sighed at a big tree in the forest that escaped the destiny of being chopped due to its uselessness. He said, “it is its uselessness that the tree could have the chance to enjoy its natural span of life.”



At that night, zhuangzi’s friend killed the wild goose that was not able to utter any sound in his home to fete Zhuangzi and his disciples. Seeing this, the disciples asked, “Master, the tree in the forest survived due to its uselessness, while the goose lost its life because of its disability. So what kind of attitude shall we take toward this capricious world?”



“Choose to be somewhere between usefulness and uselessness! But it is very difficult to tell the threshold between them and not in accordance with the rules of life. Therefore, a person always will be cumbered with something.” Zhuangzi answered.






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