Master Osifu English商务英语(四)


持之以恒,精进不息,不曾懈怠。Master Osifu English再次为大家奉献商务英语口语100句,这些口语,工作时很常用,Master Osifu English希望大家多练习,熟能生巧。


301.I would like to ask you a question. 我想问你一个问题。 
302.Yes. Please do. 好,请说。
303.Would you care to answer my question on the warranty? 你可以回答我有关保证的问题吗?
304.I do not know whether you care to answer right away. 我不知道你是否愿意立即回答。
305.I have to raise some issues which may be embarrassing. 我必须提出一些比较尴尬的问题。
306.Sorry, but could you kindly repeat what you just said? 抱歉,你可以重复刚刚所说的吗?
307.It would help if you could try to speak a little slower. 请你尽量放慢说话速度。
308.I will try. 我会试试看。
309.Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail?  你能详细说明你们的论据吗?
310.It will help me understand the point you are trying to make. 这会帮助我了解你们的重点。
311.We cannot proceed any further without receiving your thoughts with respect to the manner of payment. 我们如果不了解你们对付款方式的意见,便不能进一步检讨。
312.Actually, my interest was directed more towards what particular markets you foresee for our product. 事实上,我关心的是贵公司对我们产品市场的考量。
313.We really need more specific information about your technology. 我们需要与贵公司技术相关更专门的资讯。
314.Our project must proceed at a reasonably quick tempo. Surely one month is ample time, isn’t it? 这个计划必须尽速进行。一个月够了吧?
315.I will try, but no promises. 我会试试看,但是不敢保证。
316.I could not catch your question. Could you repeat it, please?我没听清楚不的问题,能重复一下吗?
317.You are welcome. 不客气。
318.The following answer is subject to official confirmation. 以下的答案必须再经过正式确认才有效。
319.Let me give you an indication. 我可以提示一个想法。
320.Please remember this is not to be taken as final. 请记得这不是最后的回答。
321.Let us imagine a hypothetical case where we disagree. 让我们假设一个我们不同意的状况。
322.Just for argument’s sake, suppose we disagree. 为了讨论,假设我方不同意。
323.There is no such published information. 没有相关的出版资料。
324.Such data is confidential. 这样的资料为机密资料。
325.I am not sure such data does exist. 我不确定是否有这样的资料存在。
326.It would depend on what is on the list. 这要看列表内容。
327.We need them urgently. 我们急需这些资料。
328.All right. I will send the information on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it. 好。我们收齐之后会立即寄给你。
329.I would like to talk to Mr. Liu. 我想和刘先生谈一谈。
330.May I speak to Mr. Johnson, please? 请问我可以和约翰逊先生说话吗?
331.May I speak to your boss? 我可以你的老板说话吗?
332.Give me someone who can speak English. 给我能讲英语的人。
333.Is there anyone who can speak English? 请问有没有能讲英语的人?
334.I would like to talk with someone in charge. 我想请你们负责人讲话。
335.I would like to talk to your chief. 我想请你们主管讲话。
336.Let me talk to Mr. Wang. 我要请王先生讲话。
337.Can I speak to Mr. Li?我能请李先生讲话吗?
338.When is he expected to be back? 他什么时候回来?
339.Do you know when he will be back? 你知道他什么时候回来吗?
340.Can you tell me what time Mr. Chen will be back? 你能否告诉我陈先生何时会回来?
341.Who is this, please? 请问你是哪一位?
342.Who is calling, please? 请问你是谁?
343.May I have your name? 请问你姓名?
344.Whom are you calling? 你要找谁?
345.Will you please spell his name for me? 请你把他的名字拼给我好吗?
346.Please say it again. 请再说一遍。
347.Would you speak a little louder?
348.Will you speak up, please? 请你大声一点。
349.Will you speak more slowly? 请你说慢一点。
350.Mr. Wang is not in now.王先生现在不在此地。
351.He is not in now. 他现在不在这里。
352.He has not come in yet. 他还没有来。
353.He will be here in 30 minutes. 他将30分钟后到这。
354.He has gone home. 他回家了。
355.He is in conference. 他正在开会。
356.May I take your message? 你需要留言吗?
357.May I have him call you back? 要我请他回你电话吗?
358.I am sorry Mr. Chen is unavailable, would you like to speak to anyone else? 抱歉陈先生不在,你要不要跟其他人讲话?
360.I will transfer this call to Mr. Chen. 我把这个电话转给陈先生。
360.Would you hold the line, please, I will find out his number for you. 请稍等,我将为你找他的号码。
361.I am sorry to keep you waiting. 真抱歉,让你久等了。
362.His extension number is 285. 他的分机号码是285。
363.He is speaking on another phone. 他正在接听别的电话。
364.Would you please take a message? 请你代我留话好吗?
365.Would you like to leave any message? 你要留什么话吗?
366.I would like to place a station-to-station call. 我要打一个叫号电话。
367.I would like to place a person-to-person call. 我要打一个叫人电话。
368.I don’t know how to do that. 我不知道该怎么打。
369.Will you accept the charge? 你愿意付电话费用吗?
370.Where is the telephone office? 电话局在什么地方?
371.Is there a public phone near here? 这附近有公用电话吗?
372.Do you have a coin for the phone? 你有打电话的硬币吗?
373.How do I call this number? 这个号码怎么打?
374.Do you have a phone book (directory)? 你有电话薄(目录)吗?
375.I would like to make a long distance call to Taibei. 我想打个长途电话到台北去。
376.I want to make an overseas call to the United States? 我想打个越洋长途到美国去。
377.How much is a call to the United States? 打美国的一个电话多少钱?
378.Will you please call me back? 请你给我回电话好吗?
379.May I use your telephone? 我可以用你的电话吗?
380.Someone is using the phone. 有人在用电话。
381.Do you have an extension? 你有分机吗?
382.We don’t have an extension. 我们没有分机。
383.There is a phone booth in the corner. 在转角处有个电话亭。
384.It is a pay phone.  那是一个付费电话。
385.Whom do you want to call? 你要打电话给谁?
386.I want to make a local call. 我要打个市内电话。
387.What is the number? 号码是多少?
388.Call information for the number. 打查号台查询电话号码。
389.The phone seems to be out of order. 电话好像出故障了。
390.I tried several times to call, but there is no answer. 我打了几次,但是没有人回答。
391.I’m going to dial the number. 我要打电话了。
392.The telephone is ringing. 电话铃响了。
393.No one is answering the phone..没有人接电话…
394.My friend phoned me at 10 a.m. yesterday. 昨天上午10点我的朋友给我打电话了。
395.The phone is busy. 电话占线。
396.Sorry to have kept you waiting. 抱歉使你久等了。
397.Who do you want to speak to? 你想和谁讲?
398.What number are you calling? 你的电话号码是多少?
399.Operator, you gave me a wrong number. 总机,你给我接错号码了。
400.Where are you calling from? 你从哪儿打来的电话?


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